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Teaching your kids about taxes

If you don't want to do something, just say you don't want to

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Life is like a hand of poker

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Playing a different game

Revisiting "enjoy this moment"

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First half of 2023 awards

Dear Grandma

Chasing the elusive dream, part 2

Crappy advice from a cartoon dog column #1: How can web3 work for me?

Starting a crappy advice column!

San Francisco sucks

4 ways to deal with someone who is upset

Eating some humble pie

These are a few of my favorite tweets - April 2023 Edition

Substack, Twitter, and the future home for this newsletter

Zoomer lingo that I don't hate

A small act of kindness

Chasing the elusive dream, part 1

The 4 best TV shows of 2020+

These are a few of my favorite tweets - March 2023 Edition

AI is gonna make the future... Weird.

We're all hypocrites, and that's okay

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How to win every internet argument, in 5 easy steps

These are a few of my favorite tweets - Feb 2023 Edition

The culture war is a grift

Advice to my 17-year-old self

The art of trolling

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The secret to getting rich quickly, without any effort

4 speeches everyone should watch

A beginner's guide to investing in cryptocurrency

The internet is mostly bullshit

I don't think bullying people is very convincing

I made a substack and it is very exciting or something

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