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Lovely article, thanks. I've joined a small group of crypto traders halfway through 2020 and this was a first for me. A bunch of Australians, Canadians, a view Americans, Zimbabweans, South Africans and Indonesians. I was blown away with the help, support and kindness. They taught me everything about crypto trading, how to open wallets, how to transfer and so on. We support each other through good and bad times on such a personal level.

I've been in lots of other similar communities and most of them are unfriendly, egoistic and so so many scammers.

I get a very positive vibe from the Bitmap community. There are a couple of bad players in there though. I'm staying on the side and will build (music) when the time comes. Very excited...

I've learned from a young age, if you give, you will receive... don't expect anything back when you give, and for God sakes, don't make a video of yourself being kind! (That is not being kind, it's self-promotion). This is the way the Universe works. It will come back to you in 7 fold regardless of whether it is good or bad.

Question (whispering) .. 'Do I buy Doge and hold'? asking for a friend...

Love your work ;) x


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