You seemed to have still enjoyed school. That's great.

Japanese schools are a bit more oppressive or suffocating.

I guess I can't speak for everyone else.

So just for me and my son. ( I went to school up to junior college and my son up to elementary school 5th.) Now I can see why to a certain degree.

We didn't relate to other children. In his case, it's just one example, I got rid of TV and other children were talking about what happened on TV often and that time girls singer group called 'AKB46' was popular he didn't even know about. Of course nothing in common.

I was good at drawing Manga in stead of Math, I wanted to be a professional and I wanted to be financially independent at the age of around 10. lol

My Manga looked good enough to do that only to my eyes and I applied for a girls' manga award

and of course I didn't get it. My mother kept one Manga story of mine and looked again after becoming adult. It was terrible. I don't know what happened to my eyes then. 😂

I think I had very arrogant eyes then. 🤣

That was funny and good memories. Cheers!❤️

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