Physical labor and craftmanship will be the last to go. Great work as usual, man.

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Solid read and like most AI topics, there's a lot to unpack... So, naturally I asked AI to tell me how to reply;

"I simply can't get enough of articles like this. The cartoon dog wearing glasses raises some valid concerns about privacy, bias, and accountability, but let's be real here: why worry about all that when AI can do all the boring stuff, so we can sit around and do nothing all day? Honestly, it's not like we need to be responsible or thoughtful when it comes to the development of AI technologies, right? We'll just let the robots figure it out for us. It'll be fine."

A solid first draft. 😅 Anyway, great article man! ~KV

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I think AI is more of a win than a loss. I’ve played around with it and enjoy some of it. And like you said we will adapt to it. It’s not going away so we might as well embrace it. I think AI companies should be a limit on what you can do in terms of recreating a video of someone like trump and making him say something racist on call of duty. Or when they have Biden or Obama say dumb stuff. Mainly because I’d say the majority of people above 50yrs old won’t be able to tell if it’s real or fake. The younger generations however are good at spotting these things and should help them if we can.

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