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Great read Billiam, I’ll definitely re read this as it’s probably gonna help a bit getting through my 20s. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I left high school and twitch streaming seems to be the only thing I enjoy. It’s hard to grow on there for sure but I’ve been doing it for a bit now and have amassed 593 followers. But I also don’t see it as a full time career until it is, if that makes sense. I work for $450 a week and am barley alive off it but I feel like it’s normal to struggle through your 20s. We’ve touched on a few social media points together but I wonder if you have anymore advice on growing something like a twitch? I’m socially anxious and awkward but I can stream, to me it makes no sense.

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Really good read. Is everyone just a kid in an older body? Very likely. If we look at adults and compare to a variety of playground behavior it’s pretty similar.

Even the government. Like, “hey that’s not logical so why is that a rule?” “Because we say so and if you don’t like our rules you can go play somewhere else” 😅

We all still wanna just eat delicious food all day and “play”, but we have to do grownup school during the week - aka work.

Changes how I see people’s responses especially online. I’m thinking... “they should be nice or no one will wanna play with them. “🤪

(Or maybe I’m totally wrong and I’m the only one.)

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