I have to deal with other people's emotions really full on at the moment.

Thanks for tips, Shaba-chan.

Oh, but just one thing, I experienced, "Calm down." to emotional person didn't work.

Fueled Emotions of the other. I had to learn it. Maybe case by case. 😘

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hehe please don't take any of this advice, it is all very bad xD

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OMG! It's too late! I tried some of your advices and lost some friends.😥

Haha, of course joking. I know you are being sarcastic instead of bad.😹

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Jun 1, 2023Liked by Shibetoshi Nakamoto

And the bad take award goes to... 🤣🤣

I do love a good sarcastic article. I dig this. 🤩

Also, can I make you a legendary 1:1 Shibe Society NFT? No strings - you’re just an inspiration to the most silly/fun parts in the Shibe Society plan and I’d like to make one for you... also to thank you for reminding us all to not take ourselves too seriously.

It could be based on you or inspired by any character you think is cool.

You can email me at KingsVerdict@squarevault.com if you want to keep it private.

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